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How to Create Gmail Account and Verify – Simple Steps

This Tutorial is about ‘How to Create Gmail Account and Verify it‘ using your phone number. Here you will get all the necessary information that you need to know if you want to create Gmail Account and Verify it.

Google Mail or Gmail is the email service from the house of search engine giant Google. It’s the most popular and widely used mailing service. Nowadays having an email account is as necessary as our other important documents. It’s like an identity over the world of internet. And Gmail is the most preferred email service for this purpose. Moreover, Gmail gives you 15 Giga Bytes of free email storage and it’s really a huge storage space.

Create Gmail


Creating a new Gmail.Com account means you have to create a new Google account. Both are same. If you have a Google account then you can access not only the Gmail service but also other Google products and services like Google Drive, Google Map, YouTube, Play Store which is necessary if you have an Android device and other services.

So, you must need a Gmail account / Google Account for sending and receiving free emails as well as to enjoy other Google services. One thing you need to know after creating a new Google account you need to verify it to enjoy all kinds of services provided by Google. If you are facing any problem to create Gmail Account and verify it, then simply no worry. We will guide you how to do it. Stay with us.

Create Gmail Account and Verify – Simple Steps:

Create Gmail

To create a Gmail Account, you need a desktop / laptop with an active internet connection. Then follow the below steps.

Step 1.

Open your net browser and in the URL space type – Here, you will see an option labelled as ‘Sign in’. Click on it. The page will look like this.

Create Gmail


Step 2.

You want to create a new Google account. So, simply click on the option below in the web page labelled as ‘Create account‘. It will redirect you to a new page.

Step 3. 

Under Create Gmail Account you need to fill up all the necessary information like your first name, last name, your birth date, Gender etc. Google will need it as per their guidelines. So, you are expected to enter the correct data.

Create Gmail


Choose your username and password – Choosing the user name is the most important part and you need to very cautious about it. The username will be the new email address that you wish to create. you must enter a unique name.

If the username you entered is not available, then you will get a red coloured message on your computer screen saying, somebody has already taken it and also it gives you some alternative options. So, choose the username correctly and for the Passwordyou need to enter at least 8 characters. Try to use the combination of letters and numbers so that it will be hard to guess for others. After filling all the data, click next.

Step 4.

After that, ‘Privacy and Terms’ of  Google will appear on your screen. Click on the ‘I Agree’ option.

Step 5.

Now it’s time to verify your account. Two options are available. Text message and Voice call. Choose Text message and click on ‘Continue’. A 6 digit verification code will be sent to the phone number that you enter during the profile creation. Just enter the code in the specified space.

Create Gmail


That’s it. Now, you will see that the new Www.Gmail.Com account on your computer screen that you have just created. In the inbox, you will see an email from the Google team. That’s all need to do to create Gmail account and Verify it using your phone number.

Hope, this tutorial will help you and now, just create a new Google account and enjoy all the features and services of Google. Create Gmail Account at © 2017