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Forgot Gmail Password – Recovery Forgot Gmail Password

We often forget our passwords. Almost every one of us uses different social networking sites and other online staffs where we need to register ourselves using our email ID and password. It is not possible for everyone to remember all the passwords. If you forgot your Gmail password then also you can log in to your account, and I am going to discuss how you can do that.

People can forget passwords for different reasons. Sometimes when someone doesn’t log into their accounts for a long time, they forget their passwords. When you forget your password, it becomes a matter to worry especially when that email is used in everything. So it is very necessary to know all the procedure so that you can log in to your account when you Forgot Gmail Password.

How to Recover Forgot Gmail Password:

Forgot Gmail Password

A Gmail account comes with many security layers so that no one can hack your account. So login to your account is littler tough when you forgot your password. But if you provided proper information while creating the profile then you can easily login to your account. You just need to give an answer to some questions. You should follow these steps when you Forgot Gmail Password.

Account recovery page:

If you forgot your password, but you remember the alternative email id or phone number linked to your account, you can reset your account easily. Google will send a code to your email or registered a phone number, and you can reset your password using this.

If you don’t have any of these linked to your profile, you can visit the>accounts>recovery option. You also can do it by going to the Gmail login page and clicking the ‘need help’ option under the login box.

There you need to select the ‘I don’t know my password’ option. A box will be opened where you need to put the email address you are trying to recover. If you forgot your username also select this option and click on ‘continue.’ Then an option will appear to put the last password you remember. Click on I don’t know in case you forgot your last password too.

Forgot Gmail Password

Once you click it, an option to get the verification code on your phone will appear. You can take it either by a text message or by an automated phone call. After that Google will ask you to put the verification code you received in your phone. Once you will do it, a link will be sent to your alternate email ID; you can get back your account by clicking that link.

When you click the link you received in your alternative email, you need to click it. It will redirect you to another page where you will be asked to create a new Google password. Do it twice to confirm and then click the reset password option to continue. Make sure you are giving a password which you won’t forget easily.

Password recovery form:

If you can’t reset your password using the above-mentioned method, then you can start the password recovery questionnaire. If you don’t have any linked phone number or email associated with your account, then this is the only method for getting back your account.

This method is not instant as your request has to be reviewed by an employee of Google. If you don’t get a response in the first time, then keep trying. Then Google may ask you to give an email id in which you have access.

Google may ask you many questions, such as your contact information, an alternative email ID, last time when you signed in and some more security questions. If you answer all the questions correctly and properly, then it will lead to the reset password page where you can reset your password and put a new password. Once it is done, you can sign in to Www.Gmail.Com account easily.

Even if you Forgot Gmail Password, you could reset them using the above-mentioned method. If you are unable to provide proper information or give the wrong answer to the questions, then you won’t be able to access the account anymore. That’s why it is very important to provide all the information properly while creating the account. Create Gmail Account at © 2017